The Strong People’s League is the RFB’s pioneering practice in the World basketball – a unique 3X3 wheelchair tournament fully integrated into the classical domestic 3X3 FIBA championships.

■ Separate tournament system and statistics but venues and courts are shared with the classical 3X3. Same court, same ball, same equipment, same level of officiating.

■ LED boards and screens across the court broadcasting players’ names and images. Games are video-broadcasted in a multi angle format. Game data is registered in the 3X3 FIBA Play system directly impacting the national rating.

■ All athletes partake in media days to be further promoted in the project. The league is professionally promoted on an array of lifestyle media channels making it possible for the special athletes to rise to stardom.

■ RBF covers all expenses for participants – travel, board & meals, special transfer, equipment & gear.